Soaring Spirits Remote Pattern Clearing


Clear Your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Etheric and Soul Bodies of:

Emotional Imbalances

Negative Thought Forms

Old Stuck Behaviors




Outdated Contracts and Vows

Other’s Stuff


Negatives of All Past Lives



No need to be physically present. Laura works with your higher self and her higher self with a very specific clearing chart. She works on you everyday for 2 months until she is signaled that you are holding the clearing 100%. Laura only clears what your higher self allows her higher self to clear and not allowed to interfere with your life lessons.

During the clearing process some people have experienced feeling strange, a release and letting go, nausea, tired and need to sleep. One client expressed a deep heat inside, like her old stuff was burning away. These symptoms are well worth the temporary discomfort so you can move forward with much less disruption. Some clients have me clear their family, friends and business associates, since I only need permission from their higher self.


Many thanks for the excellent clearing energies Laura has sent my way.  I have been able to break through a reoccurring pattern of blockage that has impeded my spiritual progress for many years.  It is such a relief to be able to see my True Self for the first time and to know that the false fears have been released.  Now I know that I can truly move forward and that I have the strength and protection needed at this crucial time of change in our Galaxy.  Thank you Laura! 

                                                             ~ Love,


I have been feeling clear indeed the last is it 4 and a half weeks? There is unfamiliarity, a fresh immediacy with circumstances, a sense of being in life with complete immersion. The unfamiliarity I take as the strangeness of unveiling essence which often expresses mystery in ways that surprise or reflavour one's energy.

                                                      ~ Lawrence Ball

                                                         Musician / Composer

Laura, since you have been remotely clearing me, I have gained so much clarity about the way I was living my life! The changes I need to make now in order to reach my manifesting goals seem so clear now. I was really getting in my own way and just couldn't see it! Thank you for you time and compassion. I'm so happy about moving ahead with my new awareness!

                                                                   ~ Heather Riddle LMT

I have been going through much phases of density then into lightness, even sometimes both, feeling uncomfortable. I love when its light and I act very dense in my mind during the phase of being ready for the next clearing.. sorta like the feeling of having to wait on others before I begin the next level, so lots of impatience have been appearing. I've gotten all physical things out of my life that no longer serve me too. Working on cleansing my mind and mental habits.

Thank you for the work you are doing :)

We are doing this!!!

                                                             ~ Kevin Arcturus

I have noticed a huge change in my attitude of gratitude and my cheerfulness! TM always helps me with everything and I think these old patterns are coming to the surface to be released as stress through TM. But what you are doing is clearing ancient systems that have probably been at play within me, and so DEFINITELY YES, what you are doing is working!!!!!


                                               ~ Carolyn Bratton

                                                  Founder of LifeStream Center

Laura's specialized intention, consistency, and an unattached point of view to my life mission, has been helpful on my journey of self-healing. She in a sense provides me that little more height needed to reach critical threshold for a realization like experiencing something you thought you finished clearing. Laura is helping as I focus on maintaining my highest possible vibration. When you are ready, ask for a healing and feel what can be done.

                                                       ~ Jophiel of 2nd ray

Investment ~ $144

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